About Us

Dragon Performance Works


We pride ourselves on dedication to all things BMW & Mini.
Our passion and brand loyalty are evident as is our commitment to high level customer service.
The focus in our workshop is you and your car's needs.

Mission Statement.

The best or nothing at all. Our service is a personal one, we are a family run garage and our business model is based on you returning as a customer, we want to be the place you rely on to keep your car well maintained and efficient. We want you to return year after year with your current and future cars.

Direct Communication.

A dedicated customer service advisor will keep you in the loop whilst your car is at the workshop. Plus you can speak to the technician who works on your car and you’re welcome to view any problems identified in person. We want to give you complete piece of mind, we'll never will give untruthful advice.

Quality Throughout.

We provide a simple honest service with price guarantees & warranties for reassurance. We only fit quality parts, we only use the best oils, we use manufacturer fitting instructions & service schedules, we use the latest diagnostic equipment and offer experienced, qualified technician expertise.

More Reasons To Choose Us

Right first time, if it isn't broken it doesn't need fixing. Our priority is you.

No Guesswork

We don't start changing parts based on a code scan, that's guessing the fault. We actually test and verify what component needs repairing or replacing.

Premium Customer Service

You won't find any snooty salespeople in suits at our workshop. Just friendly down-to-earth family orientated service advisors happy to spend the time explaining a fault or repairs to you.

Free Courtesy Cars

No charge to hire, completely free to borrow while your car is worked on. Fully Insured, Taxed, Current MOT, Serviced - just add fuel!

Fair & Transparent Pricing

No hidden costs or extortionate labour rates at our workshop! We keep our pricing simple, transparent & reasonable. Written estimates as standard.

Flexible Payment Methods

We constantly monitor our pricing and we offer a wide array of flexible payment methods including card payment, cash, bank transfer & paypal. Discounts are available for preferential payment methods.

Lowloader Recovery Services

If the worst has happened and your car is no longer driveable to us, and you don't have breakdown cover, don't worry we have a recovery truck.

Why Qualifications Matter

Shockingly a large percentage of garages & MOT stations are operating without qualified staff or manufacturer technical data for the cars.

Surely any garage can do an oil change or a code scan? Yes absolutely, of course any garage can physically drop the oil and put new in, but will they use the right oil? Will they have the technical data to check the oil rating specifications for your vehicle and the quantity required? Will they use a good quality, long lasting oil filter or a cheap imitation? Will they treat a code scan as a diagnostic?

You don’t need qualifications to do an oil change, but qualifications are a good indication of how seriously the individual takes their career choice and whether they are dedicated or simply doing the only job they could get when they left school unskilled. Passionate. Dedicated. Focused. Each & every member of our team is a car fanatic.

Would you pick an MOT Station?

An MOT tester is qualified and will have had to sit an exam to get his MOT license but does that mean that they have the skills & training to carry out diagnostics & repairs?

Not necessarily, yet many people assume that an MOT station is the right place to go for maintenance and repairs. Even a fully qualified technician is limited in ability if they don’t have access to technical data and tooling for your brand of car. It seems obvious to us that it is a tall order to expect anyone to be tasked with an understanding and experience on every brand of vehicle available! Think about it, just because all cars have an engine, those engines can be drastically different, there are some major differences in layout and control systems.

The point is that with the complexity of modern day vehicles and the variety of options available in type of car, a technician has to limit what to work on if they are to become really knowledgeable. All our technicians are hand-picked and head hunted for their qualifications and experience. We maintain ongoing training to keep up to date with our knowledge base. Focusing purely on the two BMW brands allows us to be dedicated experts.

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