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One Stop Workshop for BMW Cars

BMW Diagnostics

We have invested heavily in obtaining and maintaining all the manufacturer specific diagnostic tooling including the different eras of BMW along with the best of the aftermarket equipment as well. Our technicians are all highly qualified and experienced in BMW & Mini vehicles. We keep our training up to date for the latest generation of BMW cars and carry out refresher training on the classic and out of production models. Whether a minor or major problem, we guarantee we can find it.

BMW Code Scan; BMW Fault Code; BMW P Codes; BMW Engine Management Light; BMW Dash Warning; BMW ABS Light; BMW DSC Light; BMW DPF fault; BMW Smoke; BMW Noise; BMW DIS, BMW TIS, BMW ISTA, BMW Rheingold, BMW Autologic, BMW Bosch KTS, BMW Picoscope, BMW Rolling Road, BMW Smoke Pro, BMW Fault Finding, BMW Advanced Diagnostics

One Stop Workshop for BMW Cars

BMW Servicing

BMW Condition Based Service Schedules or BMW Service Interval Indicator Schedules to provide manufacturer approved maintenance.
OE BMW approved filters, parts & fluids. Independent specialist BMW servicing saving you pounds, we guarantee to be cheaper than the franchised main dealer.

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One Stop Workshop for BMW Cars

BMW MOT Testing

The Ministry Of Transport Test is an annual legal requirement for all vehicles 3yrs old and older. It should be thought of as the minimum standards of roadworthiness for a car. Like a lot of the main dealerships, we outsource MOT testing to a trusted MOT centre who don't gain any work from failure certificates and are therefore completely impartial. Unlike a lot of main dealerships, we don't charge a big premium for the privilege!

The Government sets a maximum price for MOT tests. Currently it is set at £54.85 for cars. We offer discounted MOT Testing with FREE retesting.

One Stop Workshop for BMW Cars

BMW Mechanical Repairs

We do it all! BMW Brakes, BMW Suspension, BMW Timing, BMW Steering & ELV, BMW Cooling, BMW Engines, BMW Gearboxes, BMW Clutches, BMW Flywheels, BMW Turbos, BMW EGR Valves, BMW Swirl Flaps, BMW Injectors, BMW AirCon, BMW SMG Servicing, BMW Decarbonisation. You name it we can probably do it!

All aspects of BMW mechanical maintenance and repairs carried out using manufacturer approved technical data and fitting instructions along with OE manufacturer approved parts and fluids.

One Stop Workshop for BMW Cars

BMW Brake Disc Skimming

Pro-Cut Machine Brake Disc Skimming Works. Brake discs (even new ones) have defects, when we skim the disc surface it is completely matched to the vehicles hub to provide superior braking. Resurfacing the disc also allows maximum usage of the brake disc without compromising quality. Skimming elimates any warping or runout too and judder becomes a thing of the past.

Brake Disc Skimming is subject to a safety assessment which includes checking the disc thickness is sufficient for the process and that there is no indication of structural weakness. Prices start at £35 per disc

One Stop Workshop for BMW Cars

BMW Transmission Services

Did you know that automatic transmissions need servicing? It's often overlooked and there is plenty of misconceptions and misunderstandings on the topic. Ignore transmission maintenance and you'll be risking gearbox failure. We have researched the topic in great depth and our advice is to service your automatic transmission every 50,000 miles if you want a reliable gearbox. BMW have been known to imply that their automatic transmissions don't require servicing and are sealed for life units. We would suggest considering the question of what their definition of life is. Undoubtedly it is conveniently linked to the warranty period they offer on their cars.

Our opinion is that no fluid or filter has sufficient longevity to last the mileage expected of the car. Would you leave your engine oil unchanged? The transmission fluid performs a similarly important job of lubricating the gearbox internals.

BMW Transmission Flush, BMW Tranmission Fluid Check, BMW Transmission Filter Renewal, BMW Gearbox Service

One Stop Workshop for BMW Cars

BMW Tyres & Wheel Alignment

Grab a tyre bargain at DIAGNOSTICS.WALES, lowest price guarantee. Full range of Budget, Mid Range and Premium branded tyres including runflats. Timed fitting slots, free coffee & WIFI. Alloy wheel protection and wheel balancing as standard.

Quality state of the art wheel alignment equipment for accurate tracking setup. BMW Runflat Tyres, BMW Tyres, BMW Runflats, BMW Wheel Alignment.

One Stop Workshop for BMW Cars

BMW Rolling Road

Our Dyno Developments dynamometer rolling road adds huge benefits in our capabilities for diagnosis, tuning and exhausts. This allows us to diagnose and test faults in a safe offroad environment. South Wales' only BMW & Mini Specialist with an in-house rolling road.

A rolling road run will give peak power and torque figures available for power runs and tuning with pinpoint accurately not seen on legacy inertial based dynos as used elsewhere.

BMW Dyno Runs, BMW Dynamometer, BMW Rolling Road, BMW Power Runs, BMW Rolling Road Diagnostics, BMW Dynamometer Diagnostics

One Stop Workshop for BMW Cars

BMW Exhausts

DIAGNOSTICS.WALES have the equipment and skills to install and fabricate custom bespoke stainless steel exhaust systems meeting your specfic requirements. Alternatively we also supply & install systems from Larini, Miltek and other off the shelf performance suppliers.

Designed specifically around you and your vehicle. If you want loud no problem; if you want style no problem. 100% Full Lifetime Warranty. No Quibbles or Get Out Clauses - Our custom exhaust systems are fully warrantied for the lifetime of the vehicle.

One Stop Workshop for BMW Cars

BMW Performance Works

We pride ourselves on our experience at improving your already brilliant BMW by adding those extras that it's missing. Transform your BMW from standard to extraordinary!

BMW Retrofits from dash cams, PDC, Trackers, Handsfree, Audio & TV. BMW Induction Upgrades from intake kits, performance air filters, intake manifolds, turbochargers & supercharger kits. BMW Engine Upgrades, BMW Suspension Upgrades (BMW Coilovers etc), BMW Brake Upgrades etc etc.

One Stop Workshop for BMW Cars

BMW Custom Tuning

Optimum Performance; Ultimate Power. Remapping designed to tune your BMW or Mini for its utmost balance of power and performance. Custom tuning tailored to you & your vehicle, we don't use an outside tuning company or simply resell someone elses maps, we tailor each and every tune/map to your vehicle.

We are the only South Wales BMW and Mini Specialist to provide a full tuning service on-site using our own rolling road with all remaps performed custom your vehicle in-house. Testing on the dynamometer allows us to confirm the results, whilst ensuring reliability and longevity are upheld.

One Stop Workshop for BMW Cars


BMW Diesel Particulate Filter issues are very common. Ignoring a DPF warning on the dash is tempting, especially when it resets, but this tends to lead to a non-runner. At DIAGNOSTICS.WALES we offer accurate DPF diagnostics and fault finding, we'll find the cause of the problem not just the result so that once fixed it doesn't happen again.

We offer a wide variety of solutions for DPF problems including Chemical Cleaning, Replacement & Removal of the filter. We can test and renew the DPF sensors too.

BMW DPF Chemical Cleaning, BMW DPF Cleaning, BMW DPF Restoration, BMW DPF Repair, BMW DPF Replacement, BMW New DPF, BMW DPF Sensors, BMW DPF Bypass, BMW DPF Delete, BMW DPF Removal

One Stop Workshop for BMW Cars

BMW Auto Electrical

BMW Auto Electricians, master level fully qualified and trained for auto electrical diagnosis and repairs. Wiring loom repairs, Wiring loom remanufacture and Wiring loom replacement all available at our workshop.

Batteries, Starter Motors, Alternators, In-Car Accessories, Security Systems, Fault Finding & Engine Management Diagnostics. All aspects of BMW Autoelectrical works undertaken.

One Stop Workshop for BMW Cars

BMW Software & Coding

Software Updates fix glitches & gremlins. Like windows updates on your pc, which you may or may not notice the point of, BMW modify their software with improvements and fixes. Keeping your car's software at the latest version actually keeps everything working at its optimum and resolves minor issues that have been identified.

Coding Works, Coding Activation & Modifications. If you want to activate a system you've added or changed, the coding will need to be modified and set up. We have all the tooling to modify the coding or activate a module on your BMW. Popular choices include "Deactivate BMW Start/Stop" and "Convert to Non Runflat" but whatever you're looking for, we're likely to have done it before.

One Stop Workshop for BMW Cars

BMW ECU Testing & Repairs

South Wales BMW and Mini ECU Specialist. Our high tech in house electronics laboratory is set up for testing and repairing ECUs, Control Modules & Electronic Components. Our focus is on BMW & Mini ECUs and we stock all the components for repairs related to most models. We also hold a stock of the more commonly needed donor units.

ECU Testing is £80; Typical repairs cost in the region of £300; Donor Units tend to cost in the region of £450; A brand new unit without fitment of coding is likely to be over £1000

"Our Customers are pleasantly surprised at our pricing structure"

BMW Oil Service

  • Oil Filter Renewal
  • Oil Renewal
  • Pollen Filter Renewal
  • Service Data Reset

BMW Diagnostics

Initial Assessment Package
  • Dealer Level Code Scan
  • Up to 1hr Technician Time
  • Initial Checks & Testing
  • Written Report & Conclusion

BMW Rolling Road

  • Up to 4 Power Runs
  • Brake Horse Power Figures
  • Torque Measurement at the wheels
  • Graph Printout inc. Averages

Hourly Labour Rate

  • Qualified BMW Trained Technicians
  • Manufacturer Approved Technical Data
  • Manufacturer Diagnostic Tooling & Equipment
  • BMW Focused Experienced Expertise