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DPF CleaningRestoration of Filter to As New

We're not talking about an ineffective additive in the fuel tank, we're talking a thorough deep chemical cleaning. We start with an initial assessment where we carry out a code scan via the OBD port to establish any error codes logged, we can often use the diagnostic tooling to also run live data on the DPF & get readings for ash content level and sensor functionality. Finally we can insert a borescope either up or down the exhaust to assess the filter surface, this confirms viability of some repair options and then a visual inspection (usually popping the odd pipe off) indicates the carbon build up levels on the corresponding systems.

Does DPF Cleaning Work? Yes, but only if it's done properly! A high quality top of the range chemical product applied accurately and directly through the whole filter will always work provided the DPF hasn't started to collapse (hence the borescope check first!). Even cars with DPFs so blocked that the car couldn't start or run have been able to be sucessfully cleaned in our workshop.

The chemicals used for the On Car & Off Car DPF Cleaning process are guaranteed to restore the filter to as new cleanliness. The filter will be up to 100% cleaner than at the start of the process. What the chemicals cannot guarantee is that the filter will remain clean and unblocked. The longevity and success of the chemical clean will depend on whether the cause of the original blockage was identified and addressed. The fuel tank additives offer little that is conclusive in relation to warranties although there are many promises on the marketing that the additive will work wonders.
We treat all chemical clean processes as "guaranteed to clean the filter but not warrantied to remain clean".

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DPF RenewalThe Manufacturer Approved Solution

If the old one is broke, you could replace it with a new one rather than attempt cleaning or bypass. Obviously this is the Manufacturer approved solution, but is this because they are expecting to profit from the part? Some makes and models are only available as genuine OE filters but most have an aftermarket option these days. We are happy to supply and install either, the choice is yours. There is a price difference between the two options, the manufacturer part is often twice the price of the aftermarket, they claim a greater longevity of the part.

Obviously a new filter is free of any blockages, cracks or issues. However it can still block up if there is an underlying issue causing excess particulate or regeneration problems. If your old filter collapsed or failed due to age or mileage then a new replacement filter should resolve the problem, although we would recommend considering some of our more maintenance based other works as a preventative measure.

A new DPF will of course come with a warranty and we guarantee our workmanship to be accurate and free of fault period. Wear & tear such as a bolt rusting over a long period of time cannot be avoided but the part will have been fitted and set up properly before it left our workshop. We will always be willing to help you out if you have a problem or need the work rechecked for any reason and if the part itself develops a problem, we'll do our best to get it sorted with the supplier for you as quickly as possible.

When diagnosing a DPF problem we will check for other faults with the system that may have caused blockage or part failure. If any underlying faults aren't solved the new DPF may block up in a short period of time.

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DPF RemovalIt's a Taboo & Your Choice

A topic of hot debate & subject to disclaimers. We can't recommend this solution, we suggest understanding the full process & what's involved before choosing this option. If you do decide that removal is what you want, we're experienced at providing the least detectable and most efficient bypass.

Emissions effects are a myth! The DPF doesn't actually lower the emissions of your vehicle, it actually reduces particulate matter being emitted which is why emissions testing doesn't pick up a difference with or without the filter. Removing the DPF will increase your soot and particulate emissions but because you gain MPG less fuel is burned and carbon dioxide emissions will be lower. Carbon Dioxide is worse for the environment than soot.

We have known many customers who choose this process as a temporary measure whilst they save up for a new dpf or wait for one to be available. Not everyone has the option of being without their car and even less people can afford a big outlay at the drop of a hat. You won't get any judgemental nonsense from us, we're here to help. As long as you sign the disclaimer and understand what your doing, we'll carry out the temporary bypass for you, no problem. It's your responsibility to get the process reversed at your earliest convenience. The way we do a dpf removal is completely reversable with a replacement filter (be it new or used). We keep your original map and can reapply the original software.

The process involves mechanical bypass & software modification. Namely physical removal of the filter from within its housing & adjustment of the map to resolve the expectations of a functioning DPF. We offer discounted performance or economy remaps with this process too.

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EGR Valve ActuatorsExhaust Gas Recirculation at Idle

Exhaust Gas Recirculation basically recirculates a portion of exhaust gases back into the engine cylinders. The valve is controlled by either a vacuum based or an electronic actuator valve which opens or closes to admit the exhaust under certain conditions. EGR Valve actuators stuck open or closed cause DPF issues.

The actuator is an integral part of the valve and isn't available separately so generally if it fails a replacement part is the solution. Sometimes chemical cleaning helps.

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EGR Valve CleaningDecarbonisation By Ultrasonic Cleaning

If when we assess the EGR valve it is found to be heavily contaminated with carbon deposits, the valve function may simply be impaired by this. In which case we offer an EGR Valve chemical cleaning process whereby we place the component in our ultrasonic cleaner with special decoking chemicals to restore as new condition.

The chemical cleaning process involves taking the EGR Valve off to be placed in the Ultrasonic cleaning tank so there is some labour involved beyond just cleaning.

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EGR Valve BypassBlanking of the valve & Software Adaption

EGR Valves can be unreliable and cause problems and as they are a quite expensive part it has become popular under certain circumstances to blank the valve and bypass it from the system. Mechanical blanking off is required and an engine ECU map adjustment to maintain emission standards.

The physical blanking involves taking the EGR valve off and inserting a blanking plate to close off the valve. There are pros & cons, ask for an information pack.

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Swirl Flap BlankingReducing Risks

Swirl Flaps are small butterly valves fitted to the intake manifold just before the cylinder head intake ports and operated with either a vacuum based or electronic servo mechanism. Carbon build up on the flaps cause them to stick in one position and strain the system. Flaps can break & get sucked though the engine causing catastrophic failure. Swirl Flap Bypass removes the risk.

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Turbo ActuatorsActuator Wear & Tear

The turbo actuator (also known as wastegate actuator) is responsible for controlling the boost output from the turbo by providing a pressure release valve diverting the gases away from the turbine wheel. Pressure & heat are a recipe for wear & tear. The actuator spring will weaken & allow premature opening or the diagphram could fail. An EML will likely illuminate, always get this checked!

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Turbo CleaningDecoking the Turbocharger

The turbocharger works hard and if a problem does develop it would be wise not to ignore it! Turbochargers get carbonised just like the rest of the system and a Turbo ChemClean will do wonders as a preventative maintenance routine. Keeping the turbine clean definitely increases longevity. Turbo Decoking is one of our most popular services.

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Intake System LeaksLeaks Cause Carbon

One of the main causes we find for DPF and carbon problems is an undetected intake system leak. A small split in a pipe may not cause sufficient deviation from expected values for a MAF fault code to trigger, however it will be having an effect on the carbon build up and subsequent DPF status.
We offer a Smoke Pro Plus leak detector test which will highlight any intake system leaks.

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Intake System DecokingCarbon Deposits Build Up

An unfortunate side effect of DPF problems tends to be intake system carbon buildup. Basically the soot and carbon deposits from the diesel system coke up the intake pipes, manifolds, egr valves etc etc. The volume of soot and carbon is much increased once the DPF becomes blocked and inefficient. We offer multiple intake system decarb options, you'll receive more information from your customer service advisor.

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Carbon TreatmentsDecoking Treatments

All engines produce carbon as a side effect of the engine combustion process. Carbon Buildup Causes All Sorts of Problems! Unfortunately not all of the carbon gets emitted via the exhaust system (to be filtered by the DPF), with modern recircularisation systems carbon deposits build up in the intake system. Decarbonisation prevents bigger issues. We offer Additive Treatments, Chemical Cleaning & Walnut Blasting.

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