BMW Instrument Cluster Repairs

BMW Dash Pixel Repairs, BMW KMH to MPH Conversion, BMW Cluster Customisation
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BMW Dash Pixel RepairsBMW Instrument Cluster Repairs

Unfortunately pixel breakdown is a common problem. We offer a repair where the complete LCD display is renewed with a full warranty for just £150.
A considerable saving on the BMW repair option of a new cluster at £500 upwards.

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BMW KMH to MPH ConversionConvert your import to MPH dials

There's only really two ways of achieving this, install a complete replacement cluster or have the original cluster modified with OEM mph dials for approximately £100.

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BMW Cluster CustomisationPersonalised BMW Dash Cluster

Choose custom dial rings, bezels or needle colours to suit your personality. Or maybe you'd like an LED lighting conversion to make the cluster up to 30% brighter than the original. From £50.

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