Dyno Developments Rolling Road Services

A rolling road run will give peak power and torque figures available for power runs and tuning.

We have South Wales most advanced & accurate rolling road. With pinpoint accuracy not seen on legacy inertial based dynos often used elsewhere

Power Test Runs

Simple Power Test Runs with Printout
Special Offer for Pre & Post Modification Runs
1/4 Drag Strip Simulation
Tuner Rental

Remap Development & Product Testing

Product Performance Testing
Remap Development Test Runs & Data Logging
Proof of Improvement Test Runs

Advanced Diagnostics

Advanced Power Testing
OBD Data Logging Capabilities
Static Road Testing for Advanced Diagnostics

Rolling Road Power Runs With Printout

Peak Power and Torque Figures
Find out how your car is really performing
Full printout of figures achieved
Special Discounted price for customers wanting a pre & post modification power run
Open Days and Tuner Rental available
Club Days Available
Our rolling road will provide the facts and figures you crave.
Ideal for confirming if you are on target with your modifications too.

Custom Remapping Fully Tested & Product Improvement

Proving The Results Of Modifications
Accurate Live Data for Individual Mapping
Thorough Testing of Custom Remaps pre road usage
Product Development & Testing
Proof of Product Results & Performance Improvement
Wideband O2 Sensor Input
Bosch BEA Emissions Analyiser

Diagnosing Faults In A Safe Off Road Environment

The Benefits Of Dynamometer Diagnostics
Road Simulation safely in workshop environment
OBD Serial Data capabilities
Advanced Diagnostic Abilities for complicated faults
Ultimate Accurate Live Data
Our diagnostic technicians are experienced at using the rolling road for advanced diagnostics where it can prove a fault that is apparent when driving.

South Wales Most Accurate Rolling Road

We've got the most accurate 2WD dyno in South Wales with cutting edge features and without the compromise imposed by old analog dynos or inertia based equipment
  • Retarder update speeds up to 50,000 times per second
  • Low Inertia fully Retarder based to improve accuracy
  • Live Atmospheric and Weather Input
  • Drag Strip Simulation
  • 1200 BHP at the Wheels Measurement
  • 16 million instructions per second inside Dyno Electronics
  • 30,000 CFM Cooling Airflow

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