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Injector Diagnostics

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Injector Servicing

Injector Cleaning Additives, Injector InSitue Chemical Cleaning, Injector Flow Bench Cleaning, Injector Balancing & setup

Injector Repairs

Injector Refurbishment, Injector Upgrades, Injector Replacements, Used Injectors, OE Injector Renewal, OEM Injector Renewal

Fuelling Fault Finding

Black Smoke, Black Emissions, Fuel Economy Problems, Fuel Smells, Fuel Fumes, Fuel patches, Fuel Leaks, Overfuelling, Underfuelling

Fuel Leak Testing

Fuel Pressure Testing, Smoke Pro Plus Checks, Fuel Line Inspections, Fuel Line Repairs, Fuel Flow Testing, Fuel Tank Checks, Fuel Sensor Checks

Fuel Pressure & Pump Problems

Fuel Pump Testing, Fuel Pump Repairs, OE Fuel Pumps, OEM Fuel Pumps, Fuel Pressure Testing, Dyno Testing, Dyno Simulation, Loss of Power, Fuel Cut Out

Engine power is stolen by dirty injectors!
Our Staff have years of experience solving injector problems.

Injector Diagnostics

BMW & Mini fuel injector issues are actually quite common. Changes in fuel consumption, sluggish performance & lack of power could be symptomatic of an injector fault.
  • Code Scan & Live Data Analysis
  • Oscilloscope Data Analysis
  • Dyno Rolling Road Testing & Simulation
  • Injector Bench Testing
  • Injector Flow Rate Testing
  • Injector Seal Testing
  • Injector Seal Renewal
  • Injector Reseating
  • Injector Coding & Software Setup

Injector diagnostics usually end up being done as part of a greater fuelling issue diagnosis unless an injector fault code is apparent on the initial code scan.

Injector testing is available from £20 per injector.

Injector Servicing

Preventative Maintenance; the number one cause of injector failure is contamination, injector servicing helps prevent faults developing.

An Anti-Carbon Treatment; the efficiency of the fuel system has a big impact on the carbon produced by your engine, clean injectors reduce carbon buildup.

Performance Enhancing; contaminated injectors with built up varnish or deposits will greatly reduce your power, cleaning the injectors enhances performance.

Chemical Treatment; the way we service injectors involves a chemical treatment of the injector either in situe or via a flow bench.


  • Fuel Tank Additives
  • InSitue Chemical Cleaning
  • Flow Bench Cleaning

There are lots of fuel tank additives purporting to clean your fuel system. Whilst these may have some benefits we don't believe them to be sufficient to avoid dirty injectors.

InSitue chemical cleaning involves hooking up the fuel system to run the vehicle from the chemical tank provides a thorough cleaning process without the additional expense of removing the injectors.

Flow Bench cleaning involves removal of the injectors for them to be run on the flow bench with the tips saturated in a chemical solution. The seals are renewed with this process and the flow pattern and rate analysed.

Injector Repairs

If an Injector Fault is found, we offer a complete range of repair solutions to get the problem solved as efficiently as possible.


  • Injector Refurbishment
  • Injector Replacement & Injector Balancing
  • Injector Renewal

If your original injectors are serviceable, refurbishment with renewal of the seals and internals restores optimal performance.

Replacement with an alternative or balanced set of injectors is an alternative. Injector balancing is a convoluted phrase for matching a set of refurbished injectors that have the closest spray pattern and flow rate to each other. Coding may be required to set up.

We can source, supply & install brand new either OE (original equipment) approved or OEM (original equipment manufacturer) injectors. Renewal of injectors will need coding to the car and system set up, this is all done in house too.

ASNU Injector Test Bench Equipment

ASNU are premier in injector diagnostic equipment, staying ahead of fuel injection developments. ASNU test benches are considered to be the creme de la creme of Injector diagnostics and servicing.

We have ASNU test benches. We specialise in petrol injectors and optimising the performance of them, regular training keeps our technicians at the forefront of injector technology.

If you're looking to establish the status of your injectors and maximise calibration,
we can help, just get in touch today.

Fuel System Diagnostics

Fuelling problems are not uncommon. Black smoke, fuel patches under the car, fuel smells in cabin or engine bay, changes in fuel consumption, sluggish performance & lack of power, any of these may suggest a fuel system fault.

We have all the equipment and experience to accurately diagnose a fuel problem and pinpoint the cause.
  • Code Scan & Live Data Analysis
  • Oscilloscope Data Analysis
  • Dyno Rolling Road Testing & Simulation
  • Fuel System Leak Testing
  • Fuel Pressure Testing
  • Fuel Pump Testing
  • Diesel Analysis & Petrol Analysis
  • Injector Testing

Fuel system checks and diagnostics can often be carried out within the Initial Assessment process.

Fuel Leak Testing

Fuel Leak detection, Fuel Leak finding, Fuel Leak finding, Fuel Line Checks, Fuel Line Renewal, Fuel Tank Checks

We can identify a fuel leak and pinpoint the cause for resolution. Usually it's either a seal failure or a pipe fault. Occasionally on older cars it can be corrosion on the fuel tank causing a leak. This can often be repaired by a specialist company rather than replaced.

Fuel Pressure & Pump Problems

Fuel Pressure testing & flow rate analysis will highlight a fuel pump problem or blocked fuel filter.

On modern cars there are usually two fuel pumps in operation, a higher pressure fuel pump and a lower pressure fuel pump.

If the pressure being attained pre injection is low, the fuel filter needs to be checked for condition. If old, renewal would be standard regardless of whether this is the only fault.

If a fuel pump is found to be faulty, we can source, supply & install brand new either OE (original equipment) approved or OEM (original equipment manufacturer) fuel pumps.

The Importance of Fuel Filtration

Fuel Filter Maintenance

A dirty fuel filter will lower fuel pressure and become less effective at capturing fuel contaminates

Diesel fuel filters are part of bi-annual maintenance on CBS vehicles and part of the Inspection II schedule on SII vehicles.

We would suggest that a fuel filter should be renewed every 25000 to 30000 miles for optimum fuel system maintenance.

Petrol fuel filters tend to be inline within the fuel tank and BMW often state that these are "sealed for life, lifetime filters". There may be less contaminates with petrol but we would still suggest that the fuel filter may require renewal at some point, certainly after 100000 miles.

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